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Quick, name an incentive gift that is fashionable, sporty, affordable and even has health-related benefits. Now, imagine that gift is equally popular among men and women and has no age barriers. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

But it is true, with an industry-leading selection and a well-established reputation for quality, performance and style, Bollé and Serengeti sunglasses are the perfect way to acknowledge dedication and a job well done.


Fitting Budgets and Personal Preferences

No doubt about it, people love sunglasses. While there’s consensus on that point, personal preferences make having a very wide selection of styles and lens tints key to the success of an incentive program. With nearly 40 models grouped into five pricing categories, Bushnell Eyewear can affordably fit your needs.

Flexible, Turnkey Service

A one-size-fits-all approach does not always work for sunglasses, that is why we collaborate with you to design a program that is completely aligned with your specific needs.

Gifts for All Seasons and All Reasons

From incentives handed out at an early-winter sales meeting to gifts given at a mid-summer golf event, Bollé and Serengeti sunglasses are always appreciated and guaranteed to create a lasting impact.

Values Aligned

Everything your organization does says something about its values. Giving gifts that are well designed, meticulously constructed and perform in all conditions sends exactly the right message about the things that are important to you. Beyond a truly memorable incentive, receiving Bushnell Eyewear makes a lasting impression.

Peace of Mind

All Bushnell Eyewear products are protected by a one year limited warranty and repair services are available at the company’s U.S. facility.


2013 Bushnell Eyewear Event Catalog