Connecting Exceptional People with Extraordinary Experiences

Eight Weeks with HB

Words cannot express how valuable my experience with HB Hospitality has been. It has been both unique and rewarding. The mission of HB Hospitality is to “Connect Exceptional People to Extraordinary Places.” I got the opportunity to assist with connecting both parties as well as connect with them myself. Along with meeting highly respected professionals, I was able to travel to various places throughout the United States, eat at top-notch restaurants, and stay in high-class resorts/hotels.

My reason for pursuing this position with HB Hospitality was to gain real-life, hands-on experience with event management. I gained much more than I expected. From administrative work and reserving venues to working events, I practiced everything necessary in order to become successful in this field. This has motivated me to succeed and work hard to reach my career goals.

I plan to stay in contact with the exceptional people and extraordinary places that I was able to connect and network with through this opportunity. HB Hospitality is great company that I know will continue to grow and reach more success. I admire Danielle so much for starting such a great experience. I am glad I got to have an impact on this company, but it has definitely had a far greater impact on me.

Thank you so much Danielle, for everything.