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Meet HB’s Summer 2015 Intern: Shaylyn

Phenomenal is the one word I would choose to describe my summer internship with HB Hospitality. I could not have found a better company to meet my growing interest in event planning as well as my desire to learn more about the hospitality industry. I felt like a sponge absorbing everything the entire HB Hospitality team does by learning what they do and how they do it. I’m able to walk away from this internship with experience in creating personalized agendas (shout out to mail merge), knowledge of how to be innovative when problem-solving and opportunities to network.

During my first few days of the internship, Danielle kept telling me that in September everything I was doing now would make sense. As the summer progressed little pieces connected together, but seeing the execution of the Insurance and Financial Summit put the entire puzzle together. Danielle was right! It’s crazy to think the event is over as the date appeared to be far away at the start of summer. I loved having the opportunity to be involved with this summit from beginning to end as it enabled me to learn about all aspects of planning an event.

The Broadmoor was absolutely remarkable! The picturesque backdrop of the mountains provided a stunning view I could never get tired of. The Broadmoor is so well-known, wild deer showed up on the Mountain View Terrace to check it out. It definitely was a wilderness experience when two adorable, rescued timber wolves made an appearance at the reception dinner. Its décor, amenities and service were impeccable. This resort truly captures an authentic Colorado feel and never ceased to impress me.

I want to give a huge thank you to Danielle for providing me with this incredible experience. I am able to take away real-life experiences and skills that I will be able to transfer onto future jobs and tasks. Danielle has many talents, including free-style rap, and she genuinely cares for those she partners with. It has been a privilege to learn from her, Meredith and Courtney this summer. The opportunity I had was unique and it will definitely be something I always remember.