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The Internship I Loved to Love

I’m finally writing my farewell blog post a month after my internship with Danielle ended, and I’ve decided that I put it off for so long because I thought if I never wrote it, my time as an intern with HB Hospitality wouldn’t actually end…

I was fortunate enough to connect with Danielle my junior year of college, and words cannot explain how much I learned in her converted dining room/office (it has a CHANDALIER!) as I struggled to wrap my head around how she does it all. She is intense and driven, and I am inspired by her hard work as an entrepreneur. And as someone who was still trying to find my niche within the professional world, working with HB made me realize that planning events is the combination of organization and relationship building that I was looking for—but my favorite part was seeing how everything came together. Going to Sea Island for the Insurance & Financial Summit in September gave me that chance.

We worked like worker bees to put together all of the moving parts and pieces: the notebook (thank you for letting me design it Danielle!) client and hotelier profiles, itineraries, summit resort brochures, nametags, place cards. You name it, Danielle’s thought of it. I asked lots of questions (I learned to make peace with mail merges and word document charts that don’t move where I wanted them to. Breaks are needed…) and she was always so patient in teaching and explaining what she does.

I can’t choose one word to describe Sea Island—the South knows how to do it right, y’all. The food, the architecture, the service and attention to detail, the pools, the outdoor dining areas—it was overwhelming. Far beyond beautiful. Enchanting. (Especially our al fresco dinner at Rainbow Island…just go look at the pictures.) I got to see how an event with HB Hospitality really came to fruition, and as my internship’s culminating event, I realized how valuable of an experience it was to be involved in an event from start to finish.

I have a true understanding and appreciation for the relationships HB Hospitality has built (and continues to build) with its clients and hoteliers, and the time Danielle spends making her events as beautiful and successful as they are. Working with Danielle never feels like work.  My internship with HB made me realize where I belong.

Thank you for taking a chance on me, Danielle! My time with you was truly an experience I’ll never forget.